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MtMestas.com is an archive of Documents, Pictures and Stories about the 88th Infantry Division Blue Devils, the Mt.Mestas Memorial Monument, PFC Felix B. Mestas, Jr. and the Invasion of Italy phase of World War II between 1943-45. Our focus is towards preserving Family and Historical knowledge.
MtMestas.com is an archive of Documents, Pictures and Stories about the 88th Infantry Division Blue Devils,
the Mt.Mestas Memorial Monument, PFC Felix B. Mestas, Jr., and the Invasion of Italy and Trieste (TRUST)
periods of World War II between 1942-1954. Our focus is towards preserving Family and Historical knowledge
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88th Infantry Division Blue Devils

88th Infantry

Blue Devils

1942 - 1945
88th Infantry Division
Blue Devils
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88th Infantry Division Trust Period 1947-1954

88th Infantry

Trust Period

349th Infantry "Kraut Killers" Regiment - 88th Infantry Division
349th Infantry
"Kraut Killers"
350th Infantry "Battle Mountain" Regiment - 88th Infantry Division
350th Infantry
"Battle Mountain"
351st Infantry "Spear Head" Regiment - 88th Infantry Division
351st Infantry
"Spear Head"

313th Combat Engineers Battalion - 88th Infantry Division
313th Medical Battalion - 88th Infantry Division
337th Field Artillery Battalion - 88th Infantry Division
338th Field Artillery Battalion - 88th Infantry Division
339th Field Artillery Battalion - 88th Infantry Division
913th Field Artillery Battalion - 88th Infantry Division
88th Infantry Division Band
88th Infantry Division Band
Military Police Company
88th Infantry Division Band
Quartermaster Company
88th Infantry Division Band
Recon Troop (Mech)
88th Infantry Division Band
Signal Company
88th Infantry Division Band

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Monthly Historical Narratives
350th Infantry Regiment

Monthly History
350th Infantry Regiment - 3rd Battalion

March 1944 - History of the 350th
Transmittal of Historical Notes
- 5 pages

March 1944 - History of the 350th
Historical Notes - 4 pages

Operations at Roccasecca - 21 to 25 May 1944
350th Infantry Regiment - 2nd Battalion - 26 pages
The 351st faced heavy fire on 18 May 1944 in its attempt to take Monte Grande, while the 349th and 350th advanced from Roccasecca to the Amaseno Valley, which they cleared on 28 May. After breaking out of the mountains, the 88th Division was thrust right back into combat. They were headed towards the Eternal City.

Oct 44 - S-2 and S-3 Journal Maps and Drawings - 5 pages

Oct 44 - Headquarters S-2 and S-3 Journal - 23 pages

Dec 44 - 1st Battalion History - 9 pages

Operations at Furcoli - Night of 1 - 2 February 1945
350th Infantry Regiment - Company A - 26 pages
Operations of Company A in the night combat patrol to secure prisoners at Furcoli, northwest of Loiano, Italy, the night of the 1st and the morning of the 2nd of February 1945, during the North Apennine Campaign.

Resume of Action During Recent Operation and Enemy Comment
350th Infantry Regiment - 3rd Battalion - 15 April 1945 - 2 pages
The 88th Division jumped off at 2230 15 April against one of the better German Divisions, the 8th Mtn. (157th Mtn Div.) which was well entrenched on the Monteumici feature.

Operations at Monterumici - 15 to 18 Apr 1945
350th Infantry Regiment - Company H - 31 pages
Once past Monterumici, the 88th was on its way across the Po and to the Alps. Verona fell on 25 April, followed by Vicenza three days later. German forces in Italy surrendered on 2 May, although it took until early the next day to notify all Blue Devil units of the capitulation.

Operations at Monterumici - 17 Apr 1945
350th Infantry Regiment - Company A - 26 pages

The 88th’s attack began at 2230 hours on 15 April, as its infantry regiments lunged toward Monterumici. In two days of fearsome fighting, the Blue Devils knocked the German defenders off the key ridge; they could not have known it at the time, but the German defense of Monterumici was the last well-organized resistance that the 88th would encounter. Once past Monterumici, the 88th was on its way across the Po and to the Alps.

350th Infantry Regiment - Trieste, Italy - TRUST Period - 69 pages

Occupation of Trieste, Italy - Trust Period Book 1946

"Battle Mountain"


Constituted in the National Army 5 August 1917 as the 350th Infantry Regiment, assigned to the 88th Division. Organized 27 August 1917 at Camp Dodge, Iowa. Demobilized 5-8 June 1919 at Camp Dodge. (88th Division demobilized 10 June 1919, relieving components from assignment; reorganized in 1921 in the Organized Reserves.) Reconstituted, allotted to the Organized Reserves, assigned to the 88th Division, VII Corps Area, 24 June 1921, and organized in October 1921. Ordered into active military service, less personnel, and organized 15 July 1942 at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, as an element of the 88th Infantry Division. Inactivated 23 September-16 October 1947 at Livorno, Italy. Relieved from assignment to the 88th Infantry Division on 28 May 1948. Activated 15 June 1948 in Austria. Withdrawn from allotment to the Reserves and allotted to the Regular Army 1 December 1951.

Campaign Credits

World War I

World War II
Po Valley

French Croix de Guerre with Palm embroidered CENTRAL ITALY (Department of the Army General Order 50-43)

All companies of the 2nd Battalion entitled to the Distinguished Unit Citation embroidered MT. BATTAGLIA, ITALY by authority of War Department General Order 45-10.

Service Company entitled to the Meritorious Unit Citation embroidered EUROPEAN THEATER by authority of 88th Infantry Division General Order 52, 1945.

“Fidelity and Service.”

Distinctive Insignia
The blue of the shield is for Infantry. The band is taken from the arms of Lorraine, where the Regiment saw service during World War I, but the tincture has been changed. The Iowa state flag as approved in 1921 is blue, white, and red; accordingly the shield is of similar tinctures. The fleur-de-lis indicates that the regiment had its baptism of fire in France The ear of corn alludes to “The Corn Song,” the soldiers’ marching tune of Iowa.
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Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor
Robert E. Roeder
Company G
350th Infantry Regiment

Mt. Battaglia, Italy, 27-28 September 1944.

Medal of Honor

Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Army, Company G, 350th Infantry, 88th Infantry Division.
Place and date: Mt. Battaglia, Italy, 27-28 September 1944.
Entered service at: Summit Station, Pennsylvania.
Born: Summit Station, Pennsylvania.
G.O. No.: 31, 17 April 1945.

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. Capt. Roeder commanded his company in defense of the strategic Mount Battaglia. Shortly after the company had occupied the hill, the Germans launched the first of a series of determined counterattacks to regain this dominating height. Completely exposed to ceaseless enemy artillery and small-arms fire, Capt. Roeder constantly circulated among his men, encouraging them and directing their defense against the persistent enemy. During the sixth counterattack, the enemy, by using flamethrowers and taking advantage of the fog, succeeded in overrunning the position Capt. Roeder led his men in a fierce battle at close quarters, to repulse the attack with heavy losses to the Germans. The following morning, while the company was engaged in repulsing an enemy counterattack in force, Capt. Roeder was seriously wounded and rendered unconscious by shell fragments. He was carried to the company command post, where he regained consciousness. Refusing medical treatment, he insisted on rejoining his men although in a weakened condition, Capt. Roeder dragged himself to the door of the command post and, picking up a rifle, braced himself in a sitting position. He began firing his weapon, shouted words of encouragement, and issued orders to his men. He personally killed 2 Germans before he himself was killed instantly by an exploding shell. Through Capt. Roeder's able and intrepid leadership his men held Mount Battaglia against the aggressive and fanatical enemy attempts to retake this important and strategic height. His valorous performance is exemplary of the fighting spirit of the U.S. Army.
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Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor
Charles W. Shea
Second Lieutenant Company F
350th Infantry Regiment
Mount Damiano, Italy - 12 May 1944

Medal of Honor

Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant, Co F, 350th Infantry
Place and date: Near Mount Damiano, Italy, 12 May 1944.
Entered service at: New York, New York.
Born: New York, New York.
G.O. No.: 4, 12 January 1945.

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty, on 12 May 1944, near Mount Damiano, Italy. As 2d Lt. Shea and his company were advancing toward a hill occupied by the enemy, three enemy machineguns suddenly opened fire, inflicting heavy casualties upon the company and halting its advance. 2d Lt. Shea immediately moved forward to eliminate these machinegun nests in order to enable his company to continue its attack. The deadly hail of machinegun fire at first pinned him down, but, boldly continuing his advance, 2d Lt. Shea crept up to the first nest. Throwing several hand grenades, he forced the four enemy soldiers manning this position to surrender, and disarming them, he sent them to the rear. He then crawled to the second machinegun position, and after a short fire fight forced 2 more German soldiers to surrender. At this time, the third machinegun fired at him, and while deadly small arms fire pitted the earth around him, 2d Lt. Shea crawled toward the nest. Suddenly he stood up and rushed the emplacement and with well-directed fire from his rifle, he killed all three of the enemy machine gunners. 2d Lt. Shea's display of personal valor was an inspiration to the officers and men of his company.
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Distinguished Unit

2nd Battalion
350th Infantry Regiment
Monte Battaglia, Italy - 27 September to 3 October 1944

The Distinguished Unit Citation was awarded to the Blue Devils 351st Infantry Regiment for Mt.Capello, Italy.
The Distinguished Unit Citation  was awarded to the 2nd Battalion 350th Infantry Regiment for Mt.Battaglia, Italy.
The Distinguished Unit Citation was awarded to the Blue Devils 351st Infantry Regiment for Mt.Capello, Italy.

2nd Battalion, 350th Infantry Regiment
Is authorized by War Department General Order 10, 1945

The 2nd Battalion, 350th Infantry Regiment is cited for outstanding performance of duty in action during the period 27 September to 3 October 1944 at Mt. Battaglia, Italy. The 2nd Battalion was assigned the mission of seizing and holding strategic Mt. Battaglia. For seven days, in the face of incessant and violent counterattacks by powerful enemy forces, which at times included elements of four divisions, this battalion clung tenaciously to its positions on the objective. Each attack was preceded by artillery and mortar barrages and climaxed by bitter fire fights, use of flamethrowers by the enemy, hand-to-hand combat, bayonet charges, and grenade duels. The gallant officers and men of this battalion repulsed each attack with a marked display of fighting ability and teamwork. Evacuation of the wounded was extremely difficult because of the inclement weather conditions, the nature of the terrain, and the fact that the enemy artillery firing from the front and both flanks, covered every route of approach to Mt. Battaglia with a hail of fire. Nevertheless, all casualties were promptly evacuated by teams of litter bearers who courageously transported the wounded for long distances through artillery barrages to a point in the rear where further evacuation could be carried on by ambulances. All supplies were brought to the battalion's positions by pack mules supplemented by carrying parties. On several occasions the ammunition supply became dangerously low, and when the men exhausted their hand grenades, they resorted to throwing rocks at the oncoming enemy. Though fighting under the most adverse battle conditions, the officers and men of this battalion displayed an indomitable spirit that refused to waver under the fiercest enemy attacks. The outstanding fighting ability and magnificent courage displayed by the 2nd Battalion, 350th Infantry Regiment are exemplary of the finest traditions of the Army of the United States.

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Decorations and Awards


88th Medals Awarded in WW 2
Medal of Honor
Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Medal
Silver Star
Legion of Merit
Soldier's Medal
Bronze Star Medal

PH = Purple Heart
SS = Silver Star
DSC = Distinguished Service BSM = Bronze Star Medal

Abbot, Jesse E., Pvt, PH
Abernathy, Ora W., S/Sgt, BSM
Acerbi, Louis F., Sgt, PH
Ackerman, Arlan W., Pfc, PH
Acquaviva, Chester, Sgt, PH*
Adalio, Albert, Pvt, PH*
Adams, Armand A., Sgt, BSM
Adams, Elmer B., 2nd Lt, PH
Adams, Jewel L., Pvt, PH
Adams, Joseph J., Pfc, PH
Adams, Lafayette B., 1st Lt, PH
Adams, Robert M., Pvt, PH
Adams, Warren G., Pfc, BSM
Adams, William D., Pfc, PH
Aguilar, Andres T., Sgt, SS, PH*
Aguilera, John P., Sgt, PH
Ahrens, Harold, Jr., S/Sgt, PH
Akers, George, Jr., S/Sgt, PH
Albarado, Antonio, Pfc, PH
Alberte, Charles W., Pfc, PH
Ahn, Andrew, Pfc, BSM
Albertson, Gerald W., T/5, BSM, PH
Albright, Robert H., Cpl, BSM
Alexander, Lealon A., Pfc, BSM
Alfaro, Antonio P., Pvt, PH
Alfieri, Salvatore, Pfc, PH
Allanbrook, Douglas P., S/Sgt, BSM
Allen, Alcott A., Pfc, PH
Allen, Calvin O., 2nd Lt, SS (Post)
Allen, Earl D., Pfc, PH
Allen, George W., S/Sgt, SS (Post), PH
Allen, James H., Pfc, PH
Allen, Maynard F., Pfc, PH
Allen, Richard H., Pfc, PH
Allen, Walter O., Sgt, PH
Allogio, Carmen T., Sgt, BSM
Altieri, Eugene V.. Cpl, BSM
Alves, Antonio J., Pvt, PH
Alves, Joseph S., Pfc, PH*
Alvillar, Ignacio B., Pfc, PH
Amick, Jesse W., T/5, BSM, PH
Amos, Robert N., Pfc, BSM
Anderson, Alvin R., S/Sgt, PH*
Anderson, Charles R., Sgt, PH
Anderson, Fred, Jr., Pfc, SS (Post)
Anderson, Harold S., Pfc, PH*
Anderson, James L., Pfc, PH
Anderson, Lealand H., Sgt, PH
Anderson, Warren E., Pvt, PH
Anderson, William L., Pfc, PH
Andros, William, Pfc, PH
Andrzejewski, Theodore E., Pvt, PH
Angelo, Fred F., Pfc, PH**
Ankney, Donald E., Pvt, PH
Annicchiarico, ,Joseph, Pvt, SS
Anthony, Charles T., Cpl, BSM
Anthony, Luther L., Jr., Pfc, PH
Anthony, Michael L., 1st Lt, PH
Antonelli, Mario, Pfc, PH*
Arata, Edward S., Pfc, PH
Archambeault, Malcolm E., Pvt, PH
Arias, Bruno, Pfc, PH
Arias, Henry, Cpl, PH
Armstrong, Boyd H., T/5, BSM
Arnett, Winford, Pfc, PH
Arnette, Thomas R., Pfc, PH*
Arnold, Sanford, 1st Lt, PH
Artcliff, Warren D., Pfc, PH
Arthur, Leon L., Jr., Pfc, PH*
Ashby, Goldie R., Pvt, PH
Ashe, Robert N., Pfc, PH*
Ashton, Edward M., Pfc, PH
Ashton, Roy G., Sgt, BSM
Aston, Reese V., Capt, SS (Post), BSM
Atkinson, Loren E., Sgt, BSM
Ault, William H., Pfc, BSM
Aument, Donald P. Pvt, PH
Ausborne, Roland C, Pfc, PH
Austerman, Floyd H., Pfc, BSM
Austin, John F., T/5, BSM
Austin, Russell, Pfc, BSM, PH*
Avila, Samuel R., Pvt, PH
Awtry, Howard F., Pfc, BSM
Ayers, Ellis W., Pvt, PH

Babec, John J., Pfc, PH
Babcock, Stanley G., Pfc, PH
Babeno, Charles J., Pfc, PH
Backherms, Hubert F., Sgt, PH
Baeli, Frank, Cpl, PH
Bagwell, E. J., Pvt, PH
Bailer, Donald B., Sgt, SS, BSM
Bailey, Leo F., Jr., Pfc, PH
Bailey, William, Pvt, PH
Bair, Thomas E., 1st Lt, BSM*
Baise, Joseph E., Pfc, BSM, PH*
Bakalian, John R., T/Sgt, SS, PH
Baker, Calvin D., Cpl, PH
Baker, Harry, Pvt, PH
Baker, James J., 1st Lt, BSM
Baker, Roy C., Pfc, PH
Baker, William F. P., Pfc, PH
Baker, Willie F., Pfc, PH
Baldivia, Refugio C., Pfc, SS, PH
Baldwin, Wayne C., Pvt, SS
Ball, Michael J., Pfc, PH
Ballard, Clem L., 1st Lt, BSM
Ballard, J. W., Pfc, PH
Banas, Andrew J., T/5, BSM
Banyai, Martin, Pfc, BSM
Baranoski, Felix J., Sgt, PH
Baratoo, Henry, Pfc, PH
Barba, Ralph A., Pfc, BSM, PH
Barber, Dale C., Pvt, PH
Barbieri, Aldo, Pvt, PH
Barcus, Delbert L., 2nd Lt, PH
Bare, Walter E., Lt Col, SS
Barker, Carl O., Pvt, PH
Barkowosky, Alexander, T/4, BSM
Barlage, Leroy J., Sgt, PH
Barna, Steven, T/Sgt, BSM
Barnes, Michael J., Pfc, PH
Barnett, Frank E., T/5, PH
Barnett, Stephen J., S/Sgt, BSM
Barnhard, Charles R., Pfc, BSM
Barnoski, Peter, 1st Sgt, BSM
Barnum, Leroy G., Sgt, PH
Barone, Frank F., T/Sgt, SS PH
Barrell, Percival R., Pvt, BM, PH
Barrett, Broadus C., Sgt, PH
Barrette, Louis F., S/Sgt, BSM
Barron, Orville F., Pfc, SS
Barone, John J., T/4, PH
Barry, Jerome P., Pfc, PH*
Barta, Andrew, T/Sgt, BSM
Bartholomay, Kenneth J., Sgt, PH
Bartkowiak, Henry F., S/Sgt, PH
Bartkus, Francis C., Sgt, PH
Bartlett, Emry, Jr., Pfc, BSM
Bartley, Eldon E., T/5, BSM, PH
Bartman, Edward B., Pvt, PH
Bartoli, Sergio J., Pfc, PH
Barwick, Chester C., Pfc, PH
Basha, Frank L., M/Sgt, BSM
Basha, Roger, Pvt, PH
Basielewski, Stanley, Pvt, PH
Basom, Merle D., 1st Lt, LM
Bartoli, George J., Pfc, BSM
Bates, James A., Pvt, BSM
Bates, John, Pvt, PH
Bates, John C., Pvt, PH
Bates, Lonnie L., Pvt, PH
Bator, Arthur O., S/Sgt, PH
Battafarano, Leonard A., Capt, BSM
Bauer, Rudolph, Pfc, BSM
Baumann, Ernest W., Jr., Capt, BSM
Bavasi, Emil J., S/Sgt, PH
Bavisotto, Philip P., S/Sgt, PH
Baxter, Marvin D., Sgt, PH*
Beam, Winthrop M., Pfc, PH
Bean, Lawrence A., Pfc, PH
Bear, Norman, Pvt, PH*
Becerra, Osvaldo, Pvt, SS, PH
Beck, Lewis G., Pfc, PH
Beckerdite, Bobbie E., Pvt, PH
Bedall, George H., T/Sgt, ESM
Beddow, Lee H., Sgt, DSC, PH****
Bednarz, Benedict, Cpl, PH
Beeler, Lester E., Pfc, BSM
Beers, Duncan H., T/Sgt, BSM*
Beers, Wollington P., Pvt, PH
Behrens, Ralph C., Pvt, PH
Beko, Kalman J., Pfc, PH
Belcher, R. L., T/5, PH
Belcher, William W., Pvt, PH
Belisle, Theodore G., Pfc, PH*
Bell, Clarence A., S/Sgt, BSM, PH*
Bell, Donald W., Pfc, PH
Bell, Elgie, Pvt, PH
Bell, William G., 1st Lt, BSM*
Belue, John T., Jr., Pvt, BSM
Benavidez, William B.; S/Sgt, PH
Bendel, Laverne L., Pfc, PH
Bends, Lon F., 1st Lt, PH
Benham, Harold I., Pvt, PH
Benjamin, Harold V., S/Sgt, PH
Benner, Robert J., Jr., Pfc, BSM
Bennett,Carl L., Pfc, PH
Benson, Charles H., Jr., Pvt, PH
Benson, George, S/Sgt, BSM, PH*
Benson, Kenneth E., Sgt, PH*
Benty, Lewie C., Pfc, PH
Benway, Albert L., S/Sgt, BSM
Benzel, Richard D., Pfc, BSM
Berkley, William H., Pfc, PH
Bernal, Juan, Pfc, PH
Bernier, Eugene E., Pfc, PH
Bernier, Henry N., T/Sgt, BSM
Bernstein, Louis, Cpl, BSM
Berry, Lester F., Pvt, PH
Bertzos, Michael E., Pvt, PH
Berube, Wilfred, Pvt, PH
Besterda, Carl J., S/Sgt, PH*
Bewalder, Charles J., S/Sgt, BSM
Bianchi, Arnold W., T/Sgt, BSM
Bielawski, Veneeslaus M., T/Sgt, PH
Biettkoff, William, Pfc, PH
Birchler, Paul R., Pvt, fl*
Bishop, John H., 2nd Lt, DSC
Bishop, William R., Cpl, BSM, PH*
Bjorkman, Edward R., Sgt, PH
Black, Ephraim D., Jr., Pvt, PH
Blackstone, Joseph E., Jr., Pvt, PH
Blackwell, Roy L., Pfc, BSM, PH
Blake, Leon, Pfc, PH
Blanchard, Lucius, Pfc, BSM
Blankenship, Lester B., Pfc, PH
Blanks, Charles J., Pfc, BSM, PH
Blayer, Benjamin, Pvt, PH
Blazek, George T., 1st Lt, PH
Blazinicic, Steve K., Pvt, PH
Bleau, Floyd J., Cpl, BSM, PH
Bledsoe, Clyde E., Pfc, PH*
Boatner, Mark M., III, 1st Lt, BSM
Boback, Joseph, T/Sgt, BSM, PH
Bobik, George D., T/Sgt, BSM*
Bobrowski, Theodore S., Sgt, PH
Bock, Robert P., Pfc, PH
Bocock, Edward F., Sgt, PH
Boden, Ray C., Pfc, PH*
Bogardus, King J., Jr., Capt, BSM*, LM
Bolander, Clarence R., Pvt, PH
Bolland, Clarence M., Pvt, PH
Boliman, Marvin H., Pfc, PH*
Bonar, Vernon A., Pvt, PH
Bond, Romio S., Pfc, PH
Bongiovi, Louis V., T/4, BSM
Bonnell, George C., Pvt, PH
Booher, Obert D., T/Sgt, PH
Boone, Otho J., Pfc, SS, PH
Bootle, Mack C., Pvt, SS, PH
Borquist, Sterling A., Capt, SS, PH
Bosquez, Rafael, Pfc, PH
Bossong, Robert J., Pfc, PH
Bost, Joseph E., 1st Lt, BSM
Boston, Charles T., Pvt, PH
Boston, Ralph A., Pfc, PH
Bostwick, Lynn R., Pvt, PH
Boudreaux, Andrew A., Pfc, PH
Bourbeau, Paul H., Pfc, PH
Bourne, John J., Pfc, PH
Bouroue, Odilon J., S/Sgt, PH*
Boverssaa, Blanchard D., Pfc, PH
Bowersock, Glenn L., Pfc, BSM (Post)
Bowman, Edgar E., 1st Lt, PH
Bowman, Gerard J., Pvt, PH
Bowman, Thomas E., S/Sgt, BSM (Post)
Boyd, Robert D., Sgt, BSM, PH
Boyd, Oran L., Pfc, PH
Boyer, Raymond K., Sgt, PH
Boyle, Joseph F., T/Sgt, BSM
Boysen, Frederick O., 2nd Lt, BSN (Post) SS (Post), PH
Boxberger, George H., Pvt, PH
Brackett, Leroy R., Pfc, PH*
Bradshaw, Albert H., Pvt, PH
Bradshaw, Herbert L., Pvt, BSM
Brady, Chester W., S/Sgt, BSM
Brady, Jacob L., Pfc, PH
Bralczyk, Edward, T/5, PH
Bramante, Domenic J., Cpl, PH*
Brand, John S., 1st Lt, PH
Brandow, William C., Pfc, PH
Brask, Bernhard S., Capt, BSM
Braswell, Carl M., Pvt, PH
Brazauskas, Raymond J., Pvt, PH
Brecht, Joseph C., Pfc, PH
Bredon, Pat M., Jr., Sgt, BSM
Breen, John W., Pfc, PH*
Brennan, John T., Sgt, BSM
Breucker, August, Jr., Pfc, PH
Briar, Jack R., Pvt, PH
Briggs, Seth B., Pvt, PH
Brighton, Senator, Pfc, PH
Briley, Felix H., Pfc, BSM
Briones, Ambrosio, Pfc, PH
Brooks, George H., S/Sgt, BSM
Brooks, Nicholas R., Capt, PH*
Brookman, Nathan, Pvt, PH
Brophy, John R., Pvt, PH*
Brown, G. W., Pfc, PH
Brown, George W., S/Sgt, PH, BSM (Post)
Brown, Joseph, S/Sgt, SS (Post)
Brown, Kenneth D., 1st Lt, PH
Brown, Monte A., Jr., T/3, BSM
Brown, Otha J., Jr., Pvt, PH*
Brown, Robert E., Pfc, PH
Brown, Robert P., Pfc, PH
Brown, Russell XV., Pvt, BSM
Brown, Wi!liam H., Pfc, BSM (Post)
Browne, Richard J., T/5, PH
Bruce, Robert J., 1st Lt, PH
Brucks, Charles J., Pvt, PH
Brunelle, Arthur J., Pfc, PH*
Bruning, Clyde E., Pvt, PH
Bruscini, Thomas C., Pfc, PH**
Bruton, Glenn H., Cpl, BSM
Bryan, Alvin C., Pfc, PH
Bryant, Harold L., Pfc, PH
Bryant, James A., Pfc, PH
Bryant, Kermit E., Pvt, BSM
Bryson, Loren F., 1st Lt, BSM*, PH
Bryant, James A., Pfc, BSM
Buccelli, Jerry A., Pvt, PH
Bocchicchio, Anthony L., Pvt, PH
Buchanan, Donald L., Pfc, BSM, PH
Buchanan, Robert L., Pvt, PH
Buchmeyer, Raymond H., Pvt, PH
Buckholz, Fritz E., Pvt, PH*
Buchy, Francis X., S/Sgt, PH
Buckley, Daniel, Pfc, BSM (Post)
Buckner, Louis R., 1st Lt, BSM*, PH*
Buisson, Guimault L., Pfc, PH
Bukowski, Joe F., Pfc, PH*
Bollard, William H., Pfc, BSM
Bullock, James L., S/Sgt, SS
Bullock, Odis W., S/Sgt, PH
Buitman, Lester, Pvt, PH
Bunch, George W., Pvt, PH
Buonanno, Anthony R., Pvt, PH
Burall, John C., Pfc, PH**
Burge, Tracy C., S/Sgt, PH*
Burgess, Roland A., Sgt, SS, BSM, PH
Burgio, Carmelo C., S/Sgt, BSM
Burke, Albert C., T/5, SS
Burke, Francis V., Cpl, BSM
Burnett, L. C., Pfc, PH
Burnette, Mose G., S/Sgt, PH
Burnham, Robert A., S/Sgt, BSM, PH
Burns, Albert W., Sgt, PH**
Burns, Elliot J., T/Sgt, BSM, PH
Burns, Harry, Pfc, BSM, PH
Burns, John J., S/Sgt, BSM, PH
Burns, Raymond E., Pfc, PH
Burton, Milfred T., Pfc, PH
Burton, Robert L.; 1st Sgt, PH*
Bush, Harry J., Pvt, PH
Businger, James G., Pvt, PH
Bussiere, Hugh, Pvt, PH
Bussman, Rudolph F., Pfc, BSM
Butcher, Clarence E., S/Sgt, PH
Buth, Herbert W., Pvt, PH*
Butler, George B., Pfc, PH
Butler, Harwell J., Pvt, PH
Butsch, Thomas C., Maj, LM, BSM
Butz, Donald M., Pfc, PH
Buxbaum, Sanford M., Pvt, PH
Buxton, John, Sgt, SS, PH
Buzzard, Arthur F., Pfc, PH
Byers, Francis L., Pfc, BSM
Byers, Leonard C., Pfc, PH*
Byloo, Raymond J., T/5, BSM
Byrd, Gilliam R., Pfc, PH***
Byrne, William F., Pvt, BSM

Cabarrubia, Trinidad, Jr., Pfc, PH
Cacciatore, Frank J., Cpl, BSM, PH
Cacko, Arthur A., Sgt, BSM, PH
Cadena, Caledonio B., Pfc, PH, BSM
Cafaro, Philip J., S/Sgt, PH
Cafritz, William N., Pfc, PH
Cain, Alfred, Pfc, PH
Caldwell, Earl R., Jr., Pfc, PH
Cahill, Louis G., Pfc, PH
Calagna, Pasquale, Pfc, BSM
Calderone, Rocco A., T/5, PH
Calhoun, Ray G., Pfc, PH*
Caliendo, Anthony A., T/4, BSM
Caligiuri, Anthony P., 1st Lt, BSM
Callahan, Francis J., S/Sgt, PH
Calzaretta, Omar A., Pfc, PH*
Cambelbeek, George P., S/Sgt, PH
Campano, Frank A., Jr., Pfc, PH
Campbell, Bernard, 1st Lt, PH
Campbell, Curtis P., Pfc, BSM
Campbell, Edward E., Pvt, PH
Campbell, Elton F., Pfc, SS
Campbell, Robert S., Sgt, PH
Cambell, William P., Pvt, PH
Campos, Jose B., Sgt, PH
Canfield, Raymood P., Pfc, BSM, PH
Canto, Adam F., S/Sgt, PH
Capano, Vincent A., Pfc, PH
Capece, Francis, Sgt, SS
Capellupo, John P., Pfc, PH
Capobianco, Anthony J., Pfc, PH*
Carbonneau, Lionel J., T/5, BSM
Cardinali, Joseph, Pvt, PH
Carey, George E., S/Sgt, BSM
Carrillo, Frank, Pfc, PH
Carlisle, David B., WOJG, BSM
Carlson, Robert F., Pfc, PH
Carmichael, James P., 2nd Lt, PH**
Carmickle, Charles I., Pvt, PH
Carmody, Thomas H., T/Sgt, BSM
Carpenter, Buford C., Pvt, PH
Carpenter, George H., 1st Lt, SS (Post)
Carrington, David L., T/5, BSM
Carrino, John A., T/5, BSM
Carrizales, Paul, Pfc, PH
Carter, Clifford F., Sgt, PH
Carter, Harry B., Pfc, PH
Carter, Henry C., Sgt, PH
Carter, Robert F., Pfc, BSM
Carter, Robert R., Sgt, PH*
Carter, Willis H., Pvt, PH
Cartwright, Pearl R., Pfc, PH
Cassata, Roland J., Pfc, PH
Cassese, Gerard A., Pfc, PH
Cassidy, Alfred E., Sgt, SS, PH*
Casteel, John K., T/5, PH
Castelvetere, Frank A., Pfc, PH
Castillo, Antonio G., Pfc, PH*
Castilloux, Harry, Pvt, SS (Post)
Cataldo, Paul V., Pfc, PH
Catanzaro, Frank, Sgt, BSM
Catapano, Dominick C., Pvt, PH
Catauro, Alexander, Pvt, PH
Catone, Patsy J., S/Sgt, PH
Caulder, James A., T/Sgt, PH*
Cavanaugh, Archie J., Pfc, PH
Cekus, Walter E., Pfc, PH
Celaya, Simon, Pfc, PH*
Chabek, Lawrence, S/Sgt, BSM
Chadwick, Dawn A., Pfc, BSM, PH
Chagnon, Joseph F., Pvt, PH*
Chalich, Mellan, Pvt, PH
Chambers, Opal, Pfc, PH
Chandler, Hardy R., T/4, BSM
Chandler, Isaac, Pfc, PH
Chaney, William R., Pvt, PH
Chapman, Robert P., Pfc, BSM
Charbonnet, Laurent A., Capt, PH
Chase, James P., S/Sgt, BSM (Post)
Chase, Louts E., Pfc, PH
Chavez, Rosendo, Pfc, PH
Chester, David N., Cpl, BSM**
Chew, William, Pfc, BSM (Pnst)
Chidyllo, Nicholas, Pfc, PH
Chieco, Anthony M., Sgt, PH
Childers, Lewis J., Pfc, PH
Childress, Louie C., Jr., Pfc, PH
Childres, Thomas J., Pfc, SS
Chilman, Arthur D., Pvt, PH
Chipps, Nelson L., Jr., Pfc, PH
Chittendon, Lawrence D., Pvt, PH
Chizinski, Leo J, Pfc, PH
Chowansky, Joseph, Pvt, BSM
Choy, Henry, Pfc, PH*
Chrestman, Matelon E., Pvt, PH
Christian, Leon G., T/5. BSM
Christiansen, Allan P., Pvt, PH
Christie, Charles J., Pvt, PH
Chumchal, Richard C., Pfc, PH
Church, Milton W., Cpl, PH
Church, Thomas E., Pfc, PH
Churchill, Leo J., Jr., Pfc, SS
Ciaramitaro, Samuel, Pfc, PH
Ciattoni, Vincent, Pfc, PH
Cilfone, Joseph G., Sgt, PH
Cinpinski, Burton A., Pvt, PH
Cintas, Bernaxe, Pvt, PH
Cioffi, William A., S/Sgt, PH
Cipriani, Henry B., Pvt, PH
Clapper, Joe, Pfc, PH
Clark, Francis E., Pfc, PH
Clark, Ralph J., S/Sgt, PH
Clauss, Alfred E., 1st Lt, BSM
Cleaver, Charles D., Pfc, BSM, PH*
Clement, Frank, Pfc, BSM*
Clemente, Joseph A., Pfc, PH*
Clements, Raymond P., Pvt, PH
Clemmer, Lewis M., 2nd Lt, BSM, PH
Clevenger, Paul B., Sgt, PH
Clever, Russell K., Pvt, PH
Cline, Isaac S., Jr., Pfc, PH*
Cline, Robert C., T/Sgt, SS, SM, BSM
Clininger, Charles M., Pfc, PH**
Cluse, Raymond, Pfc, BSM
Clute, Neil O., Cpl, BSM
Coats, Herman L., S/Sgt, PHt
Cobbs, Willie C., Pfc, PH
Coble, Roy W., Pvt, PH
Cochran, Avery M., Col, LM, BSM, PH*
Cody, Robert L., Pfc, BSM
Coello, Amedio A., Pfc, PH
Coen, Dean B., 1st Lt, BSM
Cogan, John, S/Sgt, BSM, PH
Colanzo, Thomas, Pfc, PH
Cole, Raymond N., Pvt, PH
Coleman, Sam L., Pvt, PH*
Colla, Louis J., Pfc, PH
Coletta, Joseph, Pfc, PH
Colley, Edward W., Pvt, PH
Collier, Louis A., Maj, BSM
Coiling, William G., Pvt, PH
Collins, Benjamin P., Jr., S/Sgt, PH
Collins, Grover J., T/Sgt, LM, PH*
Colium, Manus W., Pfc, PH
Collum, William, Pfc, BSM, PH
Colpitts, Clarence C., Pvt, BSM (Post)
Columbus, James F., Pvt, PH
Combest, Wayne, Sgt, BSM
Combe, Roy, Pfc, PH
Comella, Ercolino A., S/Sgt, PH
Comstock, Herbert I., Pvt, PH
Coniglio, Joe J., Pvt, PH
Conkwright, Joseph E., S/Sgt, PH
Conmy, John H., S/Sgt, PH
Connolly, Bernard, 1st Lt, PH
Constant, Raymond L., Sgt, PH
Conti, Americus, M/Sgt, BSM
Cook, Calvin C., Pvt, PH
Cook, Claude J., Jr., Pfc, PH
Cook, Lauren G., Sgt, SS (Post), PH
Cook, Levi J., Pfc, PH
Cook, Lloyd A., Pvt, PH
Cook, Oris, Pvt, PH**
Cooper, Corble L., Sgt, PH
Cooper, Ernest J., S/Sgt, PH
Cooper, John B., T/5, BSM
Cootware, William H., Pfc, PH
Coplin, Myer, Pvt, PH
Coppolo, Leonard, Sgt, PH
Corbin, Ralph P., Pfc, SS
Corcoran, Daniel, Pfc, PH
Corcoran, Harold T., Pvt, PH
Cordero, Frank G., Cpl, PH
Cordes, William F., Sgt, BSM
Cordiner, Duane N., 1st Lt, SS
Cordova, Adrian P., Sgt, PH
Cordova, Robert, Pfc, BSM
Cormir, John E.. Pfc. PH
Cornelius, James S., Pfc, PH*
Corr, Lawrence L., Pfc, PH
Corso, Vincent J., T/Sgt, PH*
Cosgrove, Joseph J., Pfc, PH
Cospito, John J., Pfc, PH
Costa, Alfred, Pvt, PH
Costa, Anthony, Pvt, PH
Costello, Edward B., Sgt, PH
Costello, Francis P., M/Sgt, BSM
Coss, Walter L., Sgt, PH
Cote, Herbert, Jr., Pfc, PH
Cotoia, Rocco, T/Sgt, PH
Cousino, Adrian A., Cpl, PH
Covalsky, George E., Pfc, PH
Cowan Charles E., Pvt, PH
Cox, C. W., Pfc, PH
Cox, Charles M., Pfc, PH
Cox, Crockett B., Sgt, BSM
Cox, George H., Pfc, PH
Cox, James B., Jr., Capt, PH
Cox, Wilbur, Pfc, PH (3x)
Cozzi, Patrick J., Pvt, PH
Crane, Robert E., T/4, BSM
Cranson, Harold S., Pvt, PH
Crawford, James J., Pvt, PH
Crawford, Maurice W., Pvt, PH
Creedon, Dan P., Pfc, PH
Crisler, Robert M., 2nd Lt, PH*
Criswell, William H., Pfc, PH
Cronin, James F., Sgt, PH
Cross, John W., Pfc, PH
Crosson, Herbert H., T/5, BSM
Croteau, Armand, Pfc, PH
Crugnola, Eugene J., T/5 BSM
Crutchfleld, Lee A., Pfc, PH
Culbertson, Everett A., Sgt, BSM
Culp, Benjamin B., 1st Lt, BSM, PH
Culver, Pet E., Pfc, SS, PH
Cummings, Ellsworth M., Pvt, PH
Cummings, Paul A., Pvt, PH
Cunningham, George H., Pfc, BSM
Curlee, Thomas B., 1st Lt, BSM, PH*
Curren, Dan, S/Sgt, BSM
Curtis, Boyd A., Pfc, PH
Cussans, Thomas L., Maj, DSC, BSM*, PH
Custer, Robert J., Sgt, BSM

Daigle, Joseph B., Pfc, PH
Daily, Ira, S/Sgt, PH
Dailey, Joseph, S/Sgt, PH
Dale, Lucian G., Jr., 1st Lt, SS, BSM, PH*
Dale, Richard C., Pvt, PH
Dalessio, Russell J., S/Sgt, BSM, PH
D’Ambrosio, Ralph L., Pfc, PH
D’Amico, Joseph A., Pfc, PH
Daneli, Itale, Pfc, PH
Daniel, Clifford E., Cpl, PH
Daniels, John M., S/Sgt, BSM, PH
Danker, Henry F., Pfc, PH
Denley, Earl E., Capt, SS, BSM, PH
Dann, Francis E., Pvt, PH
Darnell, Jesse F., 1st Lt, BSM
Daspit, John A., Cpl, BSM, PH
Davidson, Daniel, Cpl, BSM
Davidson, Merwin R., Pfc, PH*
Davis, Abe, Pvt, PH
Davis, Avery C., Pvt, BSM, PH
Davis, Odell J., Pvt, PH
Davis, James W., Capt, BSM, PH
Davis, Millard Q., Capt, SS, PH
Davis, Raymond E., Pfc, PH*
Davis, Richard M., Capt, BSM
Davis, Robert A., Pfc, PH
Davis, Robert E., Sgt, BSM, PH*
Davis, Robert H., Pvt, PH
Davis, Robert 5,, Pfc, PH
Davis, Roger M., Pfc, PH
Davis, Thomas L., Sr., Pvt, PH
Davis, Victor M., Pfc, PH
Davis, William F., Cpl, PH
Dawkins, Harold J., Pfc, PH
Dawson, Earl B., Sgt, PH
Day, Bobbie H., Cpl, PH
Day, Daryl W., Pvt, PH
Dean, Jeffery D., S/Sgt, PH
DeAndrea, William, Sgt, PH
Debus, Carl P., Pfc, PH
DeCelles, Dominick D., Pfc, BSM, PH*
Deck, William W., Pfc, PH*
Decker, Richard F., Capt, BSM, PH*
Deem, Harry R., Pfc, PH
DeFazio, Ernest J., Cpl, PH
DeFilippis, Fugh A., S/Sgt, BSM
DeFloria, John J., Pfc, PH
DeFranco, Sorafino L., Pvt, PH
DeGlandon, Birk, Cpl, BSM
Deinlein, Leonard, Cpl, SS (Post)
Delacerda, Joseph A., Pfc, PH
Delancey, George S., Pfc, PH
Delaney, Walter, Pfc, PH
Delbene, Albert, Pfc, PH
Delbianco, Savino, S/Sgt, SS, PH
DeLena, Jerry J., Pfc, PH*
Deleone, Leonardo G., Pfc, PH
Delk, Gardner, Pfc, BSM, PH*
Delong, James C., Pfc, BSM, PH*
Deluca, Anthony, T/5, BSM
Delmont, Nicholas, Pfc, PH
Demartini, Adolph G., S/Sgt, BSM
DeMatei, Thomas L., Pfc, PH
DeMay, Cornelius, Pvt, PH
Demmi, Anthony, T/5, BSM
DeMondi, Peter A., Sgt, PH
Denoen, Walter E., Sgt, BSM, PH
Denis, Francis J., S/Sgt, PH**
Dent, William F., S/Sgt, PH
DeOlivera, Marcelino J., Pfc, PH
DiPetrillo, Alfred, Pvt, PH*
DeRenzo, William, Pfc, PH
Derosby, Louis J., S/Sgt, BSM, PH
Derosz, Joseph J., Pfc, BSIVI
DeSantis, Edward A., Pfc, BSM, PH
Deshon, George B., Lt Col, PH
Desolier, Edward, M/Sgt, BSM
D’Esopo, Dominick F., Pfc, PH
Desrosiers, Armand L., S/Sgt, PH
Dessaint, Eugene A., Pvt, PH
Devins, John, Cpl, PH
DeVito, Salvatore A., Pfc, PH*
DeWald, William H., Pvt, PH
Dewberry, Daniel A., Jr., Pfc, PH*
DeZwaan, Glenn, Pfc, BSM
Diakomis, George J., Pfc, PH
Dicey, Paul C., Pvt, PH
DeChiara, Generso R., Sgt, BSM
Dietrich, Edward J., Sgt, BSM, PH*
Diggs, Benjamin T., Pvt, PH
DeGiacinto, Marco J., Pvt, BSM, PH
Dillinger, Stephen F., Pvt, PH
Diliner, Norman E., Pfc, PH
DiMatteo, Dominic R., Pfc, PH*
DiMatteo, Rocco J., Pvt, PH
Dimeo, Nick, Jr., Pfc, PH
Dimond, Carroll B., Pfc, PH
Dion, Norman A., S/Sgt, PH*
Dionne, Lawrence W., Pvt, PH
DiStefano, Damiano P., Pfc, BSM, PH
Dively, Dlair, Pfc, PH
Dixson, Walter H., T/Sgt, BSM
Dodaro, James, Cpl, SS, PH
Dodge, Arthur B., Jr., 2nd Lt, PH*
Donoghue, Edward J., Cpl, PH
Donato, Ernest K., S/Sgt, BSM
Donovan, Bertie A., Sgt, PH
Dondero, Charles A., S/Sgt, BSM
Donnell, Holland B., Sgt, PH
Dooner, Bernard T., Sgt, BSM
Dornacker, Charles H., Capt, BSM*
Douet, Jean A., Sgt, BSM
Douglas, Raymond F., Pfc, BSM, PH
Dove, George H., Pfc, PH
Dowdy, Gerald B., T/4, BSM
Dowell, George E., Pfc, BSM
Driscoll, Richard J., S/Sgt, PH
Driver, Rayford, Jr., Pfc, PH
Drogowski, Edward J., 2nd Lt, BSM
Duane, Francis K., 1st Lt, BSM, PH
Dubyak, George, Pfc, PH
Duddie, Andrew D., Pvt, PH
Duffy, George E., 2nd Lt, PH, BSM*, SS
Dugan, James C., Pvt, PH
Dugger, Virgil L., Pvt, PH
Duignan, John J., Pfc, PH
Dumesnil, Freddie J., Pfc, PH
Dumont, Cecil P., Pfc, BSM, PH
Dunaway, James E., Pvt, BSM
Duncan, Matthew I., Pfc, PH
Dunn, Oscar L., Pfc, PH
Dupree, Justin A., Pvt, PH
Dupuy, Elster J., Pfc, PH*
Durbin, Charles H., Pvt, PH
Dwy, Robert H., Pvt, PH
Dwyer, William S., S/Sgt, BSM
Dye, Shelby D., Pfc, BSM, PH*
Dyer, Charles H., Pfc, PH
Dykers, Lawrence H., 1st Lt, SS, BSM, PH
Dziadus, Toney, Pfc, PH

Earley, John H., Pfc, PH
East, Harry P., Pvt, PH*
Eastham, Kirby E., Pfc, PH
Eastridge, John E., T/Sgt, BSM
Ebarb, Herman, Pfc, PH*
Ebel, Edward G., Pfc, PH
Eberhard, Richard L., T/4, BSM (Post)
Eck, William J., Jr., Pfc, PH
Eckles, Van S., Pfc, BSM, PH
Edenhart, Thomas A., Sgt, PH*
Eder, John, Pfc, BSM
Edmunds, Richard B., Sgt, BSM
Edwards, William S., Pfc, PH
Eger, Henry F., T/5, BSM
Eggers, Charles A., 2d Lt, PH
Eimer, Frederick W., Pfc, PH
Elneker, James, S/Sgt, BSM (Post)
Eland, Michael L., Cpl, BSM
Elder, James L., Pvt, PH
Ellefson, Floyd S., Pfc, PH
Ellenberger, Edward, S/Sgt, BSM
Ellenwood, Roy B., Pfc, PH
Elliot, Irvin L., Pfc, PH
Elliot, Sam C., Pfc, PH
Ellison, John G., 1st Lt, PH
Elmore, Frank S., T/Sgt, SSM (Post), PH*
Elrod, James O., Pfc, PH
Else, Robert E., 2d Lt, BSM
Endress, Ernest, Pfc, PH*
Enger, Harold W., Pfc, PH
Englert, Francis J., Sgt, PH
Epperson, Robert E., Pvt, PH*
Eriksen, Norman G., 2d Lt, BSM, PH
Erickson, Norman R., Pvt, BSM, PH*
Ermacoff, Alec, Cpl, BSM
Erman, William J., S/Sgt, PH
Endicott, John E., Pfc, PH
Ennis, Clarence R., Pvt, PH
Erni, Michael J., Pfc, PH
Esparza, Ines, Pfc, BSM
Espinoza, Julio, Pfc, SS (Post)
Esposito, Victor A., Cpl, BSM
Esposito, Vincent J., Cpl, BSM
Evans, Melvin C., Pfc, PH
Evans, Norman T., Jr., Sgt, BSM
Evans, Rex R.. Pfc, BSM, PH*
Ewel, George E., 1st Sgt, BSM, PH*


Faber, William A., Capt, BSM
Fagan, Norman, Pvt, SS (Post)
Fagerholm, Gustav H., Pvt, BSM
Fairechio, Carmine H., Pfc, PH
Falcon, Henry C., Sgt, PH
Fanelli, John J., Pfc, PH
Fanizzi, Antonio V., Cpl, BSM, PH
Farhar, Mose, Pfc, BSM, PH
Farmer, Bill C., Pfc, PH
Farmer, James D., T/5, BSM
Farmer, Norman D., Pfc, PH
Fame, William H., Pfc. PH
Farrara, Francis W., T/5, BSM
Farrell, James J., Pfc, PH
Farrell, Thomas F., Cpl, BSM
Farwell, George A., Pfc, SS
Faschan, Lawrence J., Pfc, PH
Faszold, Robert B., Pfc, PH
Faulkner, Henry W., Pvt, PH
Fay, Thomas F., T/5, BSM
Fay, Walter L., Pfc, PH
Fazzone, Ralph B., S/Sgt, PH*
Fegley, Walter E., Sgt, PH
Fetguson, Cecil H., Pfc, BSM
Ferguson, Everett C., 2d Lt, PH
Ferguson, Joseph V., S/Sgt, BSM*
Ferguson, Ralph W., Pfc, PH
Fernald, Phillip C., Pfc, BSM
Ferragamo, Christy, Pfc, PH
Ferrante, William V., S/Sgt, PH
Ferreira, Joseph F., Pvt, PH
Ferris, George W., Pfc, PH
Fiala, Stanley, Pvt, PH
Fick, Harold L., Pfc, SS
Fields, Corbett, S/Sgt, BSM
Fields, Richard E., Pvt, SS, PH*
Filipp, Joe F., Pvt, PH*
Findeisen, Alfred O., S/Sgt, BSM
Fingerhut, Walter C., Capt, BSM
Fingerman, Henry A., Pfc, BSM
Fink, Clayton F., Cpl, PH
Fink, Jacob F., 1st Sgt, BSM*, PH*
Fint, Joseph J., T/5, BSM, PH
Fiori, Ned H., Pvt, PH*
Fisher, Lloyd W., Capt, BSM
Fisher, Wayne C., Pvt, PH
Fitzgerald, Frank B., T/Sgt, PH
Fitzpatrick, Samuel W., Sgt, BSM, PH